Student Parking

 Please see options below for parking on the frontage road by Mason or for purchasing daily parking passes.

Application - Parking Permit 2019-2020.pdf

All students that park in the Southwest parking lot during school hours must have a valid Southwest parking pass appropriately displayed in their vehicle.

General Information

Can students park in Guest Parking? 
No. Students cannot park in guest parking at any time. Students found to be parking in guest parking will be ticketed.

Where can students park? 
If a student has a parking permit: park in the North (main) parking lot only. All student spaces have white paint lines. Yellow paint lines designate staff parking. 

If a student does not have a parking permit: park on the frontage road north of school that runs parallel to Mason. It runs past McDonald's, Hardees, the gas station, etc. 
Why can't I purchase a parking pass if I can find an empty space in the lot?
We do not oversell the lot. There may be a student with a pass who is absent for the day or it may be a traveling student with a parking pass.

Can students use handicap parking? 
Students are welcome to use handicap parking as long as their vehicle is appropriately marked (either via license plate or hanging handicap sticker.) Handicap parking is available in the North (main) lot, in front of the school, and behind the school. Students with a handicap may use any of the handicap spaces. 

Tickets for misusing handicap parking are $100 - this includes the diagonal lines next to the space. Please be aware of where you are parking as these tickets will not be rescinded!
Can students pull into parking stalls? 
No. All students need to back into their parking spaces. This ensures that their parking pass will be readily visible to the parking monitor.

Purchasing Passes

Day Parking Passes
  • ​They are sold by NHS in the main office starting at 7:00 am. 
  • They cost $1/day.
  • Up to a week can be purchased at one time.
  • Day passes must be hung from the rear view mirror. It is the student's responsibility to ensure that the pass is appropriately hung - tickets will not be rescinded for passes that have fallen.
  • If your pass is damaged or you need to change the vehicle on the pass, please bring your pass to the main office to have it replaced.
  • THERE ARE LIMITED DAY PASSES AVAILABLE. This is because we have a limited number of spaces in our lot. Day passes sell out every day.
What do I do if I don’t have a pass and there are no day passes available? 
You can park on the frontage road by Mason. Please pay attention to signs regarding parking posted on the road. The frontage road runs past the gas station, McDonald's, and Hardees. This parking area is not maintained by Southwest, it is simply the nearest parking to Southwest that students may elect to use.
Permanent Parking Passes
  • ​They are sold in the Main Office until the supply is depleted. 
  • They cost $75/year. All fees/fines on the student account must be paid off before the student can purchase a parking pass.
  • Only one pass is sold to each student regardless of the number of vehicles the student may drive to school. The pass MUST be moved between vehicles so that it is always present in the vehicle that the student is currently driving to school. If a student does not move their pass, they will need to purchase a day pass.
  • Permanent passes must hung from the rear view mirror with the printed side facing the windshield.
  • Students must bring their license with them when they intend to pick up their parking pass.
Where are the parking pass applications?
Paper applications are available in the main office.
Can students get a parking pass once they have their temps?
No. Students must have a valid Wisconsin driver’s license in order to purchase a permanent parking pass. Note: Students can purchase a parking pass with the temporary paper license that is provided by the DMV.
Can students share, borrow, or sell their parking permits? 
No. Students may not share, borrow, or sell their parking pass. Any student found to have done this may have their pass revoked.
Are student parking permits revocable? 
Yes. Please see the parking permit application for more information on reasons for which a pass may be revoked.

I got a ticket. What do I do?
Tickets are the responsibility of the vehicle owner/driver. Tickets will not be rescinded for  improperly parked vehicles, vehicles with an improperly placed pass (intentionally or accidentally), vehicles without a pass etc. 
I bought a parking pass last year. Do I get free pass this year? 
Passes are only good for one year. Each year you drive to school you need to purchase a new pass.
I got a new car. What do I do? 
You need to fill out a change of vehicle form then bring it to the Main Office. A paper copy of this form is available in the Main Office. You can also download and print the form here: 
I have multiple cars. Do I have to buy multiple passes? 
Only one pass is given to each student driver, regardless of the number of vehicles they may drive to school. The pass needs to be moved between vehicles each time the student changes vehicles. 
Do I need to turn my parking pass in at the end of the year? 
Yes. Parking passes do need to be turned in. A fee will be applied to your account for lost or damaged passes as well as passes that are not turned in.
My pass has been stolen. What do I do?
Go to the Main Office immediately to report the theft. Replacement fees will still apply.
I was in a car accident in the parking lot. Who do I talk to? 
Accidents should be immediately reported to the Green Bay Police at 448-3200 to get an accident report. You should also report the accident to administration at Southwest.

I got in a car accident and my car (and pass!) are gone. What do I do? 
Please stop in the Main Office to purchase a replacement pass. 

When can I apply for a parking pass for next school year? 
Parking pass applications for next school year will be available in May of the year prior. Please listen for the announcements during third hour for when the applications are available. Availability will also be publicized on the Southwest Facebook page and Twitter feed (@SWTrojans). 

Guest Parking

Location: Guest parking is located ONLY in the North (main) lot. The spaces are on the school side of the lot next to the handicap spaces. Look for the signs stating "Visitor Parking". 

If there are no guest spaces available please let the Security Desk know and they will be able to provide you with a day pass. The Security Desk is located just inside the doors from the North parking lot. 

All guests should stop at the Security Desk on their way into the building to pick up a Visitor's Badge and stop on their way out to turn the badge back in. 
Still have questions? Please call the Southwest Main Office at 492-2650.​
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