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The Green Bay Area Public School District is excited to unveil its new District and school websites. We have highlighted some important aspects below to make finding information easier:

  • Information that is the same across the District, will be located on the District website. Examples are grading scale, athletic/activities forms, enrollment information, etc. 
  • The school websites will be focused on school specific information such as bell schedules, school newsletters, school activities and athletics, etc.
  • Navigating the websites is a little different. Instead of a left side navigation menu, the navigation bar will now be above the text on the page. Some pages may also have a menu on the right side of the screen. 

We encourage visitors to use the AI chat bot (how can we help?) to search for information, or the search feature at the top of the screen. If the chatbot does not find what you are looking for please be sure to provide that feedback, which helps it learn how to better assist users. 

In addition, the District continues to work to ensure our website is ADA compliant. Starting July 1, 2024, a new tool called Audio Eye will also be available on the website to assist individuals who may need support in accessing content on the website.

We will continue working on our websites throughout the summer; however, if you find that you cannot find something or you wish to provide feedback, please email Communications