Parents Who Host Lose the Most
Parents Who Host Lose the Most
Posted on 04/14/2018
Parents who host
  • Don’t be a party to teenage drinking! Older siblings and adults should not purchase, pour, or provide alcohol for youth.
  • Parents must take a stand that they do not want their children to be allowed to drink in other parents homes.
  • Adults who own or control and occupy property may not allow underage drinking and are expected to take steps to prevent underage drinking in places of their control including homes, outbuildings, docks and hotel rooms.
  • Report underage drinking. Teach youth to respect the law. Keep everyone's children healthy and safe.
  • Everyone has a role. Put a Parents Who Host, Lose the Most sign in front of your home or business. Help place logo reminder window clings on retail refrigerator cases.
  • Prevent access to alcohol. Research shows most young drinkers obtain alcohol from unlocked cabinets and fridges at home.
  • Know the Facts!
    • Youth who begin drinking before age 14 have a 41% chance of becoming alcohol dependent as an adult.
    • Studies show that our brains develop until the age of 25 and youth who drink alcohol have loss of volume and damage to their prefrontal cortex which impacts our decision making.
    • In Wisconsin, 30% of high school students report using alcohol. 16% of students under the age of 13 reported using alcohol (2017, Youth Risk Behavior Survey).
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