Final Exams
Final Exams
Posted on 06/10/2019
Tuesday, May 28th: 
Periods 1, 3, and 8

Wednesday, May 29th:
Periods 2, 4, and 6

Thursday, May 30th
Periods 5, and 7

Thursday, June 6th
Period 1: 7:30-9:40 (class 7:30-8:40 // exam: 8:10-9:40)
Period 2: 9:50-12:00 (class 9:50-10:30 // exam: 10:30-12:00)
LUNCH: 12:00-12:45
Period 4: 12:50-3:00 (class 12:50-1:30 // exam 1:30-3:00)

Friday, June 7th
Period 3: 7:30-9:40 (class 7:30-8:40 // exam: 8:10-9:40)
Period 7: 9:50-12:00 (class 9:50-10:30 // exam: 10:30-12:00)
LUNCH: 12:00-12:45
Period 5: 12:50-3:00 (class 12:50-1:30 // exam 1:30-3:00)

Monday, June 10th
Period 8: 7:30-9:40 (class 7:30-8:40 // exam: 8:10-9:40)
Period 6: 9:50-12:00 (class 9:50-10:30 // exam: 10:30-12:00)
LUNCH: 12:00-12:45
Make Up Exams: 12:50-3:00 (class 12:50-1:30 // exam 1:30-3:00)

During 9, 10, 11 Final Exams: 
* Attendance: Student attendance during all exam periods is mandatory as instructional minutes are required by the Department of Public Instruction.  The only exception is during the periods identified as “Unit Lunch” and the period in the exam schedule (4, 5, or 6) that would be the students’ regular lunch period.  

* Lunch: Regular school lunch options will be provided for all students during the period identified as “Unit Lunch”.  During this period, students may also enjoy an “open lunch” and leave campus without parent permission.  

* Exams: All exams will begin promptly at the scheduled time and will last 90 minutes.  The class period immediately prior to the exam is required.  Students that are tardy to the exam period will be denied entry and must report to the office.  They will be required to remain at school unless excused by a parent and must make-up the exam during the make-up exam period scheduled for Friday afternoon.   

* Study Halls: If a student has a study hall scheduled during a period, attendance is required unless pre-excused by a parent.  

* Make-Up Exam Period: The final period of the exam schedule is reserved for make-up exams.  Each teacher will be available during the Make-Up Exam Period to administer exams.  Students should confirm with teachers if they will attend the make-up session and the specific start time of the exam.  In addition to make-up exams, students will use this period to clean out lockers, pay fees, return school resources, or complete other end of school year activities.  Please contact us directly with questions and/or concerns.

* Bus times do not change.
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