Service Learning

What is Service Learning?
     Youth service learning is a form of experiential learning where students apply knowledge, skills, critical thinking, and wise judgment to address community needs.  It is a method by which young people learn and develop through active participation in approved service experience.
     Service learning enriches student learning through partnerships with the community.  These real-world experiences provide helpful services to the community and encourages student to become good citizens.  More than anything else reach out and become part of your community.

Teen Youth Volunteer Book 2014-2015.pdf  Green Bay School District preapproved​ opportunities. This list is dated but it is still valuable. It does not include all  agencies or opportunities that can be approved.  If you have a questions or think of something on you own get preapproval from the Career Center (Number 2 on the Verification of Service Project form).

A great place to find volunteer opportunities are the Career Center and The Volunteer Center of Brown County (click on Volunteer then choose General  Volunteer.

Verification forms can also be picked up in the Career Center or downloaded here

Service Learning Awards:

Civic Engagement Awards

This is a Green Bay School District award.  Students who earn 25-49 (white ribbon), 50-74 (red ribbon), or 75-99 (blue ribbon) hours will receive recognition for their efforts.  CEA can be earned each year for hours completed between May 1 and April 30.

President’s Volunteer Award

This is a national award for any student who has completed 100 or more qualified hours between May 1 and April 30.  This award can be earned each year.
Bronze – 100-174
Silver – 175-249
Gold – 250 or more

Graduation Service Learning Cords 

This is a Green Bay School District award for any student who has earned at least 100 hours during their high school career.  Cords will be worn at graduation and the honor will be noted in the program. Hours must be turned in by May 1.
Students working toward an award MUST have their hours turned in by May 1 of the year they are receiving an award.  The names of qualifying students will be verified and awards ordered.

Student Tips for Volunteering

When you are involved in a volunteer activity, you not only represent yourself, you also represent your high school and the agency you are volunteering for. Many students have been able to use their experiences as a stepping-stone to paid employment and references for scholarships, jobs and continued volunteer opportunities. This is why it is important that you put your best self forward. The following are tips to follow:

1. If you sign up for an activity, be sure to attend or know the number to call if you cannot attend or will be late.

2. In a paid job situation, calling friends or texting on your phone is frowned upon. Leave your cell phone at home or be sure to turn it off when at the site.

3. Dress appropriately for the activity. If you are unsure of what is appropriate, call and ask. A volunteer position is not a fashion opportunity. Consider your dress to be a uniform for the volunteer work you are doing that day.

4. Smoking is not permitted.

5. Verify the person you will be working with and take a blue verification sheet with you for their signature.

6. In the job market, arriving late or leaving early does not make a good impression. Go the extra mile and strive to arrive a few minutes early and leave a few minutes late or when the volunteer coordinator says you can go.

7. Thank the person who has given you the opportunity to volunteer. It really makes a good impression.

8. If you sign up to volunteer with a friend, boyfriend or girlfriend, make sure that you both act professionally. Put the volunteer work ahead of your relationship. Personal displays of affection reflect poorly on both parties even if only one person is starting them.

9. Be flexible. Weather and staffing situations sometimes change. Sometimes trying something new leads to new opportunities.

10. Don’t be afraid to say, “I don’t know” or “Could you tell me again.” In the workplace these statements help open the lines of communication.


How can YOU give back to your community?

· Volunteer in organizations that share your passion

· Explore career opportunities by volunteering in different areas

· Volunteer with a non-profit agency in your neighborhood

· Assist someone in your neighborhood with house or yard work

· Get involved at a local food pantry, school, or hospital

· Volunteer to coach a kid’s sports team

· Enjoy spending time with you friends while giving back to your community!

· Check the Career Center for new volunteer opportunities 


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